California: Public high school yearbook has lavish two-page Islam presentation entitled “ALLAH AKBAR” DO YOU AGREE?

    "Allahu akbar" implies Allah is more noteworthy, i.e., more prominent than your god. It's an affirmation of prevalence.


     Jihad mass killers the world over shout "Allahu akbar" as they kill individuals." 9/11 thief Mohamed Atta reminded himself to "yell, 'Allahu Akbar,' on the grounds that this strikes fear in the hearts of the non-adherents." 
    Also, here it is in the Rancho Cucamonga Secondary School yearbook, since they are tolerant, multicultural, various, and against "bigotry." The Rancho Cucamonga Secondary School yearbook contains no pages on Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and so forth. For what reason does it contain these pages on Islam? Since it is the common view among Liberals today that Muslims are aggrieved, pestered and oppressed on an extensive scale in America today, and this happens as a result of Americans' obliviousness of Islam. 
    The two cases are jabber. The FBI's most recent abhor wrongdoing measurements demonstrate that Jews are twice more prone to be the casualties of loathe violations than Muslims. However there is no introduction on Judaism in Rancho Cucamonga Secondary School's yearbook. Furthermore, in the event that anybody has a negative assessment of Islam, it is a direct result of jihad fear, not numbness of Islam. 
    These pages on Islam are in the Rancho Cucamonga Secondary School yearbook as a demonstration of how effective Islamic support gatherings and their Liberal partners have been in avoiding consideration far from the truth of jihad dread and depicting Muslims in the U.S., however falsely, as a casualty aggregate requiring extraordinary thought and convenience.    
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    1. Our God has been around a whole lot longer that what a delusional sand rat could imagine. And He's been working ever since, one reason you're not already in America with Sharia. Constitution still rules and with prayers, none of your demon runners will win.