VIDEO Juan Williams Just Called Trump A Racist For Attacking Elizabeth Warren, Until A Real American Shuts Him Down DO YOU AGREE?

    The Leader of the Unified States isn't anxious about anyone. 
    He will confront any individual who tries to resist him. 


    In the event that somebody tries to test his nerves, President Trump will bring damnation upon them. 

    Numerous individuals in the past have attempted to affront President Donald Trump and the prevailing press is continually collaborating with them to conflict with him and endeavor to bring him down. What's far more terrible is the point at which a minority part tries to disgrace him. All things considered, the prevailing press has a major chance to introduce President Donald Trump as supremacist. At any rate, we realize that President Trump is an "equivalent open door guilty party," simply like Ivanka Trump specified in an announcement. 
    As per our source, America News Quick, Fox News' Juan Williams expressed that President Donald Trump is a bigot for calling Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" before a crowd of people loaded with Navajo Local Americans. "Trump thinks that its simply extremely important politically to assault non-white individuals in this nation, and he does as such and afterward says, 'I'm not supremacist.'" 

    Gutfeld had a couple of words to say in regards to Williams' remark and asked him: "Like Paul Ryan, what shading is Paul Ryan? What shading is Hillary Clinton? What shading is Marco Rubio?" 

    William reacted, "What I am stating is he finds political preferred standpoint and incentive in influencing whipping young men to out of non-white individuals, and for this situation, I think he pursued her in a way that even now Indians, Navajo Indians, said was obtuse and they thought of it as a slur." 

    Lamentably for him, some Navajo Indians believe that Williams lost his psyche. One of those Indians is Thomas Conceived, a Navajo Code Talker, who can't help contradicting Williams totally. "The Marines influenced us to shout 'Geronimo' when we hopped out of planes and that didn't annoy me either."
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