VIDEO Angelina Jolie dropped a big hint that she might run for president

    Angelina Jolie indicated that she may keep running for president. 
    The performing artist told the BBC on Friday that she would have giggled at the thought 20 years back however that she would now go where she is "required." 
    She said "thank you" when a BBC have said he would put her on a rundown of potential 2020 hopefuls. 


    Yet, Jolie said she would remain calm "for the present" since she can complete a great deal through her job as a Unified Countries exceptional emissary. 
    Angelina Jolie dropped a major insight that she may move into legislative issues and keep running for president. 
    Talking on Friday on BBC Radio 4's "Today" program, which she visitor altered, Jolie said she would have rejected the thought 20 years prior however that she would now go where she is "required." 

    At the point when the program's host, Justin Webb, said he had put her on a rundown of Democrats who may keep running in 2020, Jolie snickered and stated, "Bless your heart." 

    Jolie, an uncommon emissary for the Unified Countries' evacuee organization and battles against sexual viciousness, said she would remain calm "until further notice" since she believes she can "complete a ton without a title." 
    She said her work had given her some applicable experience. 

    "I'm likewise ready to work with governments, and I'm additionally ready to work with militaries, thus I sit in an extremely fascinating spot of having the capacity to complete a great deal without a title and without it being about myself or my approaches," she said. 
    In any case, she additionally said her frame of mind had changed after some time. 

    "I don't know whether I'm fit for governmental issues, yet then I've additionally kidded that I don't know whether I have a skeleton left in my storeroom — I'm quite open and out there, and I can endure a great deal," she said. "With the goal that's great. Be that as it may, I genuinely will do whatever I think can truly make change." 
    Jolie will be an official maker of another BBC-run worldwide English-dialect news program for youngsters set to debut in 2019. 

    Jolie said her that the venture would be worldwide and "help youngsters in various nations to be associated with one another and to have more prominent mindfulness and comprehension of the news on a universal premise."   
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