VIDEO Trump Signs New Executive Order And Chuck Schumer Is Furious

    While Toss Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are on furlough, President Trump is still in Washington D.C. attempting to end squander in government. 
    Trump focused on a key electorate of the Democrats, the government workforce, and shocked the hapless Schumer with another official request long been reputed that will solidify increases in salary. 
    From CNN: President Donald Trump issued an official request Friday solidifying government specialists' compensation for 2019, finishing on a proposition he declared before in the year. 


    January, comes as a huge number of bureaucratic representatives are hoping to start the new year furloughed or working without pay on account of a halfway government shutdown. 

    Trump advised officials he wanted to scrap the 2019 boost in salary for government specialists in August, saying the administrative spending plan couldn't bolster it. 

    Notwithstanding the 2.1% boost in salary, the official request likewise drops a yearly change of paychecks dependent on the district of the nation where specialists are posted, called the "territory pay increment," that was because of produce results in January. 

    The move does not influence a 2.6% boost in compensation for US troops one year from now that was passed as a component of the gigantic guard spending charge Trump marked in August. 
    In a letter to House and Senate pioneers in August, Trump depicted the boost in compensation as "wrong." 

    "We should keep up endeavors to put our Country on a financially maintainable course, and Government organization spending plans can't support such builds," the President composed.
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