WATCH Palestinian-American Congresswoman on Trump: 'We Are Going to Impeach HIM .

    Recently introduced congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib, took a hit at U.S. President Donald Trump - vowing to denounce him. Talking at a MoveOn.org occasion in Washington D.C., hours in the wake of being sworn into office, Tlaib utilized especially beautiful dialect to portray the president. 


    Axios' Alexi McCammond announced that at the occasion Tlaib, citing her child, stated, "Look, mom, you won. Menaces don't win," to which she answered, "You're correct, they don't. What's more, we're going to go in and denounce DONALD TRUMP. 

    Amid her swearing-in function earlier in the day, Tlaib was confirmed utilizing Thomas Jefferson's Koran while wearing a conventional Palestinian thobe, a lower leg length article of clothing, which as indicated by Tlaib once had a place with her mom. 

    Tlaib was cited in Allure magazine clarifying that "wearing my mom's thobe is a blessing to her. Much the same as any migrant parent, she needs her youngsters to succeed, yet without surrendering our underlying foundations and culture. Regardless of where our folks are from, you can see the association they're making in me wearing my mom's ethnic dress. It's energizing."

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