WATCH VIDEO jon voight says: we are americans we should support our president and be very happy that we have this man in the white hous.

    Jon Voight shared an individual Twitter post throughout the end of the week with an uncommon "occasion message" for his fans. 
    The 79-year-old veteran on-screen character and star of the TV program "Beam Donovan," just as endless different preparations, posted the video on Dec. 23, saying there was something that was troubling him. 


    "I'm upbeat all the time really, with the exception of there are things that trouble me," said Voight in the video. "Most particularly what disturbs me is individuals endeavoring to hurt our leader of the United States." 

    Voight has been extremely frank about his help of President Trump and traditionalist strategies all through the crusade and administration. 
    "He has a colossal sum on his plate," said Voight of the president. "He's making such a decent showing with regards to consistently. He's doing astounding things truly, and the news isn't speaking to it, and there are individuals who are attempting to concoct criticisms and deceives cut him down. Would you be able to envision it?" 

    "This is our nation. We're Americans. We should bolster our leader and be, exceptionally cheerful that we have this man in the White House who's doing as such much useful for our nation. Anyway, Merry Christmas!" said Voight. 

    The on-screen character's message resounded with a large number of his fans, who left remarks demonstrating their help. 
    "Much obliged to you for your ground-breaking and pointed message, Jon. Happy Christmas," composed Julie M. Diener. 

    "Used to see you in markets and eateries, thinking back to the 70s in San Fernando Valley where I grew up. Continuously regarded your security. So appreciative to see you turn into an incredible nationalist and moderate voice in the midst of most of your liberal companions. God Bless You Sir!" composed Tricia Tulak. 

    "I concur! Trump is doing extraordinary things for our nation! Cheerful Christmas to you sir!" remarked Vicky L. Platt. 
    In a meeting with Fox's "Life, Liberty and Levin" in September, Voight likewise said he trusts that the left is assaulting the President since he is viable. 

    "The harmfulness is on the grounds that he's viable. That is the thing that the destructiveness originates from. He's really doing what he said he would do," Voight told Fox. 

    He likewise said there are individuals "attempting to crush this administration. It's that straightforward." 

    Albeit numerous performing artists and big names have expressed solid words against President Trump, the on-screen character said there are still a lot of Americans in Hollywood who bolster the president, despite the fact that they may not be as unmistakable. 

    "I get a ton of help from individuals who I acknowledge, who I regard. It's not every one of the single direction," said Voight. "There's sufficient individuals around who are of a traditionalist sort." 

    Jon Voight's long acting vocation reaches out back to the 1960s, with in excess of 90 distinctive TV and motion picture jobs. He won an Oscar for the film "Getting back home" in 1979, and he's a four-time Golden Globe champ for the TV arrangement "Beam Donovan," just as the movies "Runaway Train," "Returning home," and "Midnight Cowboy."

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