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    When, do we as a whole met up and perceive that a portion of our chose agents is not working for America?Yet this is in excess of a chosen head simply being sluggish and clumsy. This is one explicit chosen pioneer declining to carry out her responsibility. Far and away more terrible, this is around one pioneer needing prosecution, needing expulsion, needing being to let go for giving guide and solace to adversaries. 


    I will go further Nancy Pelosi should be captured for treachery! 

    This House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, was first chosen to the House of Representatives in 1987, nearly 32 years prior, and is currently 78 years of age. The normal period of retirement in the US is 62 years of age. Americans can begin gathering Social Security at age 62. However, Nancy Pelosi declines to resign and pry her fingers off of her ground-breaking seat, California's Twelfth Congressional District. Now, it would be simple for me to present a defense for term limits for all chosen Congressional Representatives. Anyway, for this situation, I'm really going to contend for an instance of conspiracy. 
    Above all else our chose Representative's guarantee to office vows to help and protect the Constitution of the United States against all adversaries, outside and residential. 

    5 U.S. Code § 3331 - Oath of office states;"An individual, aside from the President, chose or delegated to an office of respect or benefit in the common administration or formally dressed administrations, will guarantee: "I, AB, do seriously swear (or assert) that I will bolster and safeguard the Constitution of the United States against all adversaries, outside and local; that I will bear genuine confidence and faithfulness to the equivalent; that I take this commitment unreservedly, with no psychological reservation or reason for avoidance; and that I will well and dependably release the obligations of the workplace on which I am going to enter. With God as my witness." This area does not influence different pledges required by law." 

    As indicated by Article 1, Section. 6 of the United States Constitution expresses this concerning why Senators and Representatives can be captured: 

    The Senators and Representatives will get a Compensation for their Services, to be discovered by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They will in all Cases, with the exception of Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be advantaged from Arrest amid their Attendance at the Session of their individual Houses, and in going to and coming back from the equivalent; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they will not be addressed in some other Place. 
    As indicated by 18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason is characterized as pursues; 

    Whoever, owing faithfulness to the United States, demands war against them or clings to their adversaries, giving them help and solace inside the United States or somewhere else, is liable of treachery and will endure passing, or will be detained at the very least five years and fined under this title however at the very least $10,000; and will be unequipped for holding any office under the United States. 

    Our US Constitution and US Code of Law reveals to us that treachery is genuine wrongdoing, even deserving of death. There are just three violations that the United States chose Representatives of the House or the Senate can be captured for. Treachery, Felony, and Breach of Peace. Given that Nancy Pelosi, after taking her vow of office, vowed to help and guard the US against all foes, why has she occupied with passing laws that give Sanctuary to illegals, keep on restricting subsidizing to an outskirt divider to ensure our national security, and deter any arrangements to support the fringe divider finishing the administration close down. 

    How about we separate this. 

    Nancy Pelosi is worth a huge number of dollars and is chosen to SERVE America and Americans, yet every choice she makes utilizing American's expense dollars is tied in with ensuring our southern outskirt is available to tranquilize cartels, human dealing, and an all-out unlawful attack. In the province of California, she is a noteworthy ring pioneer of the political composed wrongdoing ring that is obliterating the wonderful territory of California with their traitorous Sanctuary approaches. These enemies of American arrangements are intended to obliterate the state and our nation monetarily, ensure illicit Democrat votes, and destroy hopeless the sway of the United States of America! 
    That as well as Nancy Pcastcasted a ballot "Nay" on HR 3004 Kate's Law, which was a bill that builds criminal punishments of undocumented workers reappearing the United States in the wake of being ousted once as of now. Kate Steinle, an American resident, was killed in San Francisco in Nancy Pelosi's own one of a kind region, by a displaced person who was a seven time criminal and extradited multiple times. Again Nancy Pelosi casted a ballot NO to Kate's Law! Casted a ballot NO to securing her own natives! Casted a ballot NO against Americans over illegals! This plainly gives help and solace to adversaries to Americans. 

    Nancy Pelosi is a criminal, blamewortthe hy of conspiracy by declining to lead her ideological group to subsidize the divider and outskirt safety efforts that would ensure our national security. Nancy Pelosi is a criminal liable of injustice by being a key individual from a domineering government that has oppressed the American individuals into $21 trillion dollars owing debtors, which China possesses the vast majority of our obligation. Nancy Pelosi is a deceiver to the American individuals who pay her paycheck and costs for her administration, security, staff, and travel, while she takes our well deserved duty dollars to send billions of our well deserved assessment dollars to remote governments, yet declines to finance our fringe mass of $5.7 billion for our national security. Especially she needs to send $10 billion to Mexico this year yet declines to meet with our President for lunch to work out an arrangement for our wellbeing and government spending plan. Nancy Pelosi is a double crosser to America on the grounds that while she declines to finance our fringe divider for our national security, she utilizes our well deserved duty dollars to pay her movement costs to travel to Hawaii and excursion, at that point turning directly around to fly and gathering in Puerto Rico with lobbyist, PACS, and big names, while all the while driving an administration close down making 800,000 government specialists not get paid. Nancy Pelosi is a double crosser to the American individuals since she declines to meet with Angel families yet gloat consistently about her Christianity and utilizations devout words to talk down any individual who remains in her way. Always remember she casted a ballot NO against Kate's Law! 
    Nancy Pelosi is Un-American and loathes our POTUS so much that she excluded him and is rejecting him to have the capacity to convey the State of the Union deliver to the American individuals. The most recent move went ahead Saturday when before she even heard President Trump's discourse, Nancy Pelosi issued an announcement dismissing Trump's most recent proposition which offered a multi year augmentation on DACA to 700,000 DACA beneficiaries and a multi year expansion to 300,000 TPS beneficiaries in return for the outskirt divider financing. Be that as it may, Nancy Pelosi is driving Democrats to include over $1 billion in spending to the financial plan, $524 million to include more ports and streets into the US from Mexico and $563 million to subsidize 75 migration judges to accelerate the cases of vagrants who make refuge claims at the outskirt. Her solitary answer for the outskirt emergency and attack by foes is to spend another billion of our expense dollars to get more "transients" into the nation. 

    The primary concern is America has an emergency. It is genuine. Dividers work. Nancy Pelosi realizes dividers work and that is the reason she and different Democrats casted a ballot yes to support $500 million of US citizen's dollars in 2018 to subsidize a 287 mile outskirt divider in Jordan to ensure it against psychological militant along it's fringe with Syria and Iraq. We have drugs, human dealing, and psychological militant going over our fringe day by day and Nancy Pelosi declines to subsidize OUR outskirt divider. Nancy Pelosi declines to shield America from adversaries assaulting us through our unprotected wide open outskirt. 

    Nancy Pelosi is breaking her vow of office to ensure and guard the US against enemies. Nancy Pelosi is giving guide and solace to the a large number of illegals who attack the US by furnishing them with Sanctuary and by declining to support the divider to shield our southern fringe from foes who attack our lands. Nancy Pelosi is blameworthy of Treason. Nancy Pelosi must be arraigned, expelled from office, for submitting Treason. 

    Quite a long time ago in this nation, The People cared the slightest bit. Sometime in the distant past The People represented something. Sometime in the distant past The People would face wrongs and would make a move to right them.  

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