VIDEO Roseanne Barr Says ‘We’re Lucky’ to Have Donald Trump as President and Trump Could Be The Greatest President In History .

    Roseanne Barr showed up on ABC's 20/20 to advance the recovery of her sitcom, which is debuting one month from now. While reporting in real time, she tended to her help of President Donald Trump. 


    Barr has been open about her master Trump sees since right off the bat. She went on multi-day-long Twitter tirade toward the finish of a year ago, which incited her to erase almost all that she'd at any point posted. On 20/20, she clarified why she, however, Roseanne fans likely voted in favor of President Trump. 

    "He talked about occupations, with the goal that's what you have to do on the off chance that you need working individuals to vote in favor of you," she said. "Not Syrian airspace. I don't assume Hillary discussed occupations much, she was in every case simply discussing Syrian airspace. I'm similar to, 'do you think individuals in America– ?' Or possibly they do, I didn't, however." 

    "Trump annoyed a portion of America, and she insulted the other half," she went on. "With the goal that's incredible for sitcoms, extraordinary for parody. We're fortunate to have him as a president, it's extraordinary for parody." 

    The comment horrified a few watchers, who have now pledged not to watch the reboot. 
    "Would have watched the show for the magnificent John Goodman, however can't, given Barr's help
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    1. Never heard her say anything that wud be for or against trump. When I read that she says him as president is extraordinary for parody, I heard on sitcoms,

      "LOTS of material to work with here!" Maybe i'm wrong.

    2. Roseanne has her head on straight, she is spot on, about praying for our President, and to keep the values of our Constitution. Many have written things that the Constitution says which are not even ratified! So if you do not stand for our President, Constitution, or our Country, then just leave and go where their government suits your fancy!!!