"I am allowed back," U.S. "ISIS bride" Hoda Muthana tells CBS News .

    Northern Syria (CBS News) - Hoda Muthana left Alabama at 19 years old to join ISIS of her own unrestrained choice. Presently she needs to return home, with her newborn child, yet whether she will almost certainly get once again into the United States is totally out of her hands. 


    Muthana, presently 24, demands she has the privilege to return, and she's arguing for another opportunity. The Trump organization, be that as it may, does not think of her as a U.S. resident. On Monday a D.C. government court will hear Muthana's case. 

    CBS News journalist Charlie D'Agata met Muthana in Northern Syria, where she has been kept by America's Kurdish partners since giving herself in January. D'Agata asked her what she would tell the Americans who state she does not greet in the United States any longer. 

    "I was just 19 when I settled on my choice. Also, you know, individuals when they're youthful they commit exceptionally enormous dumb errors," Muthana said. 

    Errors don't come to a lot greater or dumber than joining a psychological militant gathering set on wrecking America and, purportedly, specifically affecting assaults on Americans, as well. 

    While she says she surrendered her visa to ISIS when she touched base in Syria in 2014, that didn't mean surrendering her U.S. citizenship. Presently, be that as it may, the President of the United States himself has said she's not greeted back. So what might she say to Mr. Trump by and by? 

    "I would instruct him to think about the lawful framework, in light of the fact that obviously I am permitted back. I have papers. I have citizenship," she demanded. 
    Muthana's case is depended on the way that she was conceived in the United States, in New Jersey, to Yemeni guardians. Her dad had worked in the U.S. as a representative, however, the family says he was not one at the season of Muthana's introduction to the world. Negotiators' kids don't consequently have U.S. citizenship as do the offspring of other remote nationals conceived on U.S. soil. 

    "Regardless we're endeavoring to win the case and ideally we will," Muthana told D'Agata, a large number of miles from the court that will think about her destiny on Monday. "I realize I am an American resident and I realize I reserve the privilege to return. I have no other citizenship anyplace. Indeed, even my very own nation of origin I don't. I've never been there (Yemen)." 
    In the meantime, Muthana said she comprehends the annoyance and disdain she's caused in the United States. 

    "I destroyed my life. I've destroyed it. I destroyed my child's future, however, I wouldn't have had a child in the event that I didn't come. That is the main lament I don't have," she told D'Agata. "I need to see him grow up, I need to raise him." 
    Muthana said she had needed to escape ISIS' region before she inevitably figured out how to escape as the gathering's domain was annihilated. She talked about observing dead bodies in the roads and separated heads stuck on shafts as a notice from ISIS to its adversaries, and any potential tricksters. 
    "Seeing it with your very own eyes it's, it's outrageous, it's not Islamic by any means," she said. 
    Around a half year prior, Muthana said she began endeavoring to get away. 

    "Individuals like me, I've been needing to leave for some time and I just proved unable, in light of the fact that I didn't have the cash to," she stated, including that the most minimal cost she had known about for a runner to make tracks in an opposite direction from ISIS was $6,000. "We were held prisoner there fundamentally and the best way to leave was to experience a field of IEDs or expert riflemen from ISIS shooting at you." 
    Muthana disclosed to CBS News she would go to imprison if that is the stuff to return to America. 
    Be that as it may, what's to happen to Adam, the child she had with an ISIS contender who is presently dead? 
    "They didn't have a birth authentication," she said of ISIS psychological oppressors who ran the now non-existent Islamic "caliphate" she left America for. "Nothing." 

    "I wish I could tell the general population that I don't—I'm not a risk to America," Muthana told D'Agata, saying she trusts she was controlled by ISIS and its enemy of U.S. purposeful publicity from the earliest starting point. "I trust nobody considers me to be a risk, and I trust everybody allows me another opportunity."

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    1. She can stay out there and enjoy her freedom as an ISIS bride. She wants to come back to be on welfare like all the rest?

    2. She should come back and run for Congress. We can use another towel head terrorist to aid the others there

    3. We all must live with the decisions we make. There are 14 year olds in prison for committing crimes such as yours. The only way you'd be welcomed back is if you want to live at Guantanamo.

    4. At the time you made the choice, you Are an adult, you to made your choices! Just like you made your choice to have sex w an ISiS n became a prego! Now you want to come back to the land that you hate, you join OSIS to harm the US, bc according to ISIS, we are bad n deserve to be kill! I do not think it’s harsh st all when i say that your ISIS baby do not deserve to grow up in our country, yhe land of milk, honey, opportunities, and freedom! Your ISIS baby will grow up w you brain washing him/her to hate the USA, and you will use him to harm the US and our citizens! Just bc your ISIS father of the baby is dead U have no one to rely on andvthey do not respect women over there, u want to come back to the US...We don’t trust u! Stay away!

    5. Plus, now ISIS will use people like her to reproduce ISIS offspring, and plant themselves here to garm us!!! That’s their long term goal!!!