VIDEO Celebrities To Trump: We Are Patriots,Love Our Country. Donald Trump Is The Worst President In U.S History And We Will Not Stop Until We Get Rid Of His President.’Do You Support Trump If He Deport All Of Them?

    Huge names React to Trump Comment: 'Can hardly wait until we dispose of the president.' 
    Huge names blended to internet-based life Thursday to scrutinize President Donald Trump's accounted for usage of "sh*thole" to delineate a couple of countries in the midst of a migration meeting discourse. 


    The Washington Post point by point Thursday that Trump had used the swear word while discussing countries including Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries in the midst of an Oval Office meeting to discuss a potential bipartisan migration deal. 

    "For what reason are we having every one of these individuals from shithole nations come here?" the Post refers to the president as saying. 

    Trump denied the declaration in a post to his Twitter account Friday, saying the remark had been "made up" by Democrats to disrespect him. 

    Nonetheless, Hollywood stars and media personalities raced to reprimand the president for bigotry, including vocalist John Legend, who censured Trump for being prejudice for his "whole open life." See Hollywood's reaction to Trump's declaration underneath: 

    On-screen character Ben Stiller: "Haitians have been a major piece of the American mixture… In 1990 14% of us, Haitians were administrative and proficient – legal advisors, researchers, educators, specialists, business administrators. By 2010, this figure was 24%…. Haitians are a glad and strong individual and their nation isn't." 

    Performing artist George Takei: "Trump clearly needs more Norwegians and fewer individuals from "shithole" nations in Africa. You know what's a genuine shithole? Trump's goddamned mouth." 

    Creator Michael Moore: "To summarize Stephen Colbert, those aren't "shithole nations" on the grounds that their leader isn't Donald Trump."  

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