VIDEO Teacher Union President, Lily Garcia Says Children Are ‘Crying’ Because They Are ‘Afraid’ of Trump .

    The leader of the biggest dynamic and most extremist instructor's association in the country, Lily Garcia, simply utilized her uncontrollable platform to coordinate America's best instructive issue. 

    Lily Garcia trusts the main problem isn't our coming up short educational systems, the increasing expenses and contracting aftereffects of achievement in the classroom, or the out of line, a dull liberal social building that is surpassing the instructive framework. 


    She feels the key issue confronting our schools is President Trump's abhorrent methods for annoying educators and kids amid school and making them cry. 

    Revealed Breitbart: 

    At the National Press Club, National Education Association president Lily Garcia guaranteed instructors were having to "comfort crying youngsters since they are apprehensive" of President Donald Trump. 

    Incomplete transcript as pursues: 

    Our work occurs inside and outside the classroom. A great many individuals in urban areas the nation over rampaged for this present week to challenge this present organization's unfeeling, silly completion of DACA. A large number of them were our individuals supporting their understudies. What's more, those equivalent teachers still appeared for the school giving their children embraces and homework. We must be both: activists and instructors. 

    What's more, in this discourse today, I must be both. I need to discuss strategy and legislative issues however I need to by one way or another abandon you with the significance of our work and what's in question for our understudies. 

    We are confronting a rash and flighty organization that makes disorder and disarray – which is awful – however, he likewise makes dread in kids, which is unforgivable. Without precedent for our nation's history, educators needed to comfort crying youngsters since they feared their leader. 

    There were recent developments about Muslim bans and instructors needed to guarantee startled kids like young ladies who wore hijabs or young men named Mohammad that the president couldn't hurt them. 
    There were recent developments about fringe dividers to keep out Bad Hombres, and instructors needed to guarantee scared youngsters with names like Alfredo and Juanita that the president couldn't hurt them. 

    There were recent developments about embarrassing transgender understudies who simply needed to go to the restroom and expelling the insurances against their separation, and instructors needed to guarantee scared young men who were formed like young ladies; and young ladies who were molded like young men that the president couldn't hurt them. 

    Furthermore, this week there was a recent development that this president was stripping ceaselessly the assurance for our Dreamers. He barbarously says he's certain Congress will deal with it. Donald Trump is gambling 800,000 lives. He changes nothing. These undocumented youngsters were brought here as kids; they moved on from school and had no criminal record – youngsters who did not settle on the grown-up choice to come. They connected for and were conceded ensured status in view of their uncommon conditions. DACA enabled them to go work; attend a university or serve their nation in the military. 

    DACA is an unfit accomplishment on each dimension. It's sympathetic. It's simple. It's siphoning billions into our economy to have these informed, dedicated, excited youngsters covering government obligations and purchasing homes and working and contemplating and beginning organizations. 
    We need to comfort them. In any case, it's so difficult to reveal to them that this president can't hurt them. They know reality. In any case, we've trained them well. What's more, they know and we realize the correct thing to ask: What are we going to do about it.  

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    1. COMPLTET BS. If true, it is ONLY BECAUSE of MSM lies and Sore Loser Union Teacher sour grapes. Trump2020.

    2. What complete bullcrap. Using their authorative positions to scare children into being afraid of President Trump. Monsters!

    3. She’s not that smart...must be why she needs a union...

    4. She should not be teaching she should find another job not teaching our kids. We send our kids to school to learn about education. Don’t bring your liberal teaching to kids that’s not your job your job is to teach the kids how to read and write and learn the history about America that’s what we pay you are you fucker

    5. She should look for new in the waste management

    6. Gee - He's got balls and they are so afraid! LOL

    7. You are giving good teachers a bad name....there are many intelligent teachers in the field. It is a shame that the union isn't being honest....continuing to promote this democratic, liberal platform..well guess what...your base isn't buying it anymore

    8. Wow.

      The more these people play this game and the more the media incites people the more we are going to have this crap being reported as news.

      Who cares what a no body teacher says. Who cares what a Hollywood eliter says.

      Is the news going to give me a platform to tell people what my views are on the subject?

    9. How about stopping the teaching of opinioniated political bulls-hit and sticking to academic curriculum...? What a flake. And she's in an important position!!! Scary.

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    11. What you should be doing is representing the hard working teachers, do your job.