VIDEO Trump says Alabama woman who joined ISIS should not return to US.

    (CNN) - President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he coordinated Secretary of State Mike Pompeo not to permit Hoda Muthana, an Alabama lady who left in November 2014 to join ISIS, to come back to the United States - in spite of her ongoing open request to return and stand preliminary in America. 


    "I have trained Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and he completely concurs, not to permit Hoda Muthana once again into the nation!" Trump tweeted. 

    Hours sooner, Pompeo proclaimed that Muthana, who is kept in a Kurdish displaced person camp, isn't an American resident. 
    "Ms. Hoda Muthana isn't a U.S. resident and won't be conceded into the United States. She doesn't have any legitimate premise, no substantial U.S. international ID, no privilege to an identification, nor any visa to venture out to the United States," Pompeo said in an announcement. 

    Muthana, presently 24, was an understudy when she ventured out to Syria more than four years back to join ISIS - in the end, wedding three warriors and requiring the executing of Americans on Twitter. In a progression of meetings this week from a rambling camp in northern Syria with her newborn child, she communicated profound regret. 

    "When I left to Syria I was a credulous, irate, and self-important young lady," she said in a manually written articulation gave to CNN by an agent. "To state that I lament my past words, any agony that I caused my family and any worries I would cause my nation would be hard for me to actually express appropriately." 

    Hassan Shibly, a family agent for Muthana, denied that she was not a native, and called the move by the Trump organization to guarantee generally "unsafe." 
    As indicated by Shibly, Muthana was conceived in New Jersey in 1994. Her dad, who had been in the US as a Yemeni ambassador, ventured down from his discretionary job a very long time before Muthana's introduction to the world, Shibly included. 

    ‪"The Trump organization proceeds with its endeavors to improperly strip residents of their citizenship," Shibly said in the statement.‬ 
    "‪Hoda Muthana had a legitimate US international ID and is a resident. She was conceived in Hackensack, NJ in October 1994, months after her dad quit being a diplomat‬," he included before later tweeting an image of what he asserted is Muthana's introduction to the world endorsement, that seemed to affirm her place and date of birth. 

    Nonetheless, a State Department representative said Wednesday evening that Muthana "was not brought into the world a U.S. native and she has never been a U.S. native." 
    "Ms. Muthana's citizenship has not been renounced on the grounds that she was never a US resident," they included. 
    Under US law Muthana would be a US resident naturally of her introduction to the world in the nation, however, the State Department could contend that her case to citizenship is imperfect on account of the migration status of her folks at the season of her introduction to the world. 

    Muthana's family intends to document a claim testing the administration's declaration that she isn't a native this week, as indicated by Charles Swift, who speaks to Muthana's dad. 
    Stephen Yale-Loehr, a movement attorney and Cornell University teacher, said that the circumstance is "not obvious." 

    "It would rely upon the actualities if the State Department contends that her dad's strategic status was still as a result. The family contends it lapsed. So at last, it might be dependent upon a court to deal with this," he told CNN. 

    Yale-Loehr said that if Muthana had a US international ID, "that implies that someone by then made the assurance that she was a US native." However, he noticed that a considerable lot of the actualities are as yet obscure. 

    The State Department representative stated, "There are numerous reasons that an individual beforehand issued an international ID may in this manner be discovered ineligible for that visa." 
    "On the off chance that it is resolved that the conveyor was not qualified for the issued visa, the international ID might be repudiated and additionally a restoration application denied," they said. 

    Gotten some information about Muthana's case on Tuesday, State Department agent representative Robert Palladino noticed that "the circumstance of American natives or conceivable American residents in Syria is by definition incredibly entangled and we're investigating these cases to more readily comprehend the subtleties." 
    Palladino would not address the particular case, yet said that in cases including "American residents or potential American natives or affirmed American residents," US arrangement "is repatriating them, and it's what we approach all nations to do who have (remote fear based oppressor) warriors in Syria as well." 

    Muthana experienced childhood in Hoover, Alabama, in a Yemeni family unit that she has called ultra-strict. In meetings with The Guardian, The New York Times and ABC News from the Al Hawl displaced person camp this week, she portrayed how she utilized cash from her folks implied for educational cost at the University of Alabama at Birmingham to pay for a trip to Istanbul in late 2014. 

    In the wake of being snuck into ISIS-controlled region, she tweeted a photograph of an American international ID, with the subtitle "blaze soon, no requirement for these any longer." 
    In the caliphate, she turns into a prominent ISIS advocate on the web, her quality on Twitter developing extraordinary and brutal. 
    "Soooo numerous Aussies and Brits here, however, where are the Americans, wake up u defeatists," she posted in January 2015. 

    "Go on drive-bys and violate the majority of their wellbeing, or lease a major truck and drive all over them," she composed that March. 
    In her composed explanation, she said that long stretches of slaughter and war, and the introduction of her child, changed her. 
    "In my peaceful minutes, in the middle of bombings, starvation, cold, and dread, I would take a gander at my lovely young man and realize that I didn't have a place here and neither did he," she composed. 

    A month ago, as Kurdish powers upheld by US-drove alliance airplane beat ISIS back to an area just kilometers wide, she chose to endeavor a getaway. 
    On January 10, she told the Times, she surrendered to American troops in the Syrian desert. 
    The US's refusal to repatriate Muthana comes only days after Trump reprimanded European partners for not reclaiming their very own caught natives. 
    In excess of 800 outside contenders from in excess of 40 nations are at present being held by the US-supported Syrian Democratic Forces, as indicated by the Pentagon. Ladies who wedded the ISIS warriors, known as ISIS ladies and their youngsters are likewise being held in detainment by the Kurds. 

    Numerous nations are hesitant to repatriate them in light of the trouble of arraigning suspected ISIS individuals dependent on proof gathered on the front line, causing disappointment among US national security authorities. 
    "The option is certainly not a decent one in that we will be compelled to discharge them," Trump tweeted Sunday. "The U.S. does not have any desire to look at these ISIS warriors pervade Europe, which is the place they are relied upon to go." 
    The quantity of Americans who joined ISIS on the war zone, as Muthana, are little, contrasted with nations like France and the UK, from where a few hundred outside warriors voyaged, as per global reports. The US has, in any case, indicated some of their outside contenders. 

    Approximately 59 Americans are accepted to have joined the Islamic State, and 13, including a Texas man simply a month ago, have confronted fear related charges in the wake of being come back to the US, as indicated by research from the George Washington University Program on Extremism. A lot more are accepted to have passed on the front line.     

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    1. If you are or ever have been a member of Isis....no no no .... your status is unacceptable.

    2. Do not allow a traitor to enter our country! She gave her allegiance to isis! We owe he nothing! She was an adult when she made her choice to be a traitor! DO NO ALLOW ENTRANCE TO OUR SOVEREIGN COUNTRY! SHE HAS TAKEN AN OATH TO KILL AMERICANS! A LOT OF THEM!

    3. Just like people who are determined to be a threat are put on the no fly list, people who join terrorist groups should never be let back into this country. They can't be trusted.

    4. None of those who convert to isis, nor those who were raised as isis, born as isis, or any believers of islam should NEVER be allowed into the USA!!