Consultant Ilhan Omar is anticipated to introduce an invoice on Wednesday that seeks to give up what she referred to as president Donald Trump's "hateful" Muslim ban. 
    "I ran on a promise to end the president's hateful Muslim ban," Omar, a Minnesota Democrat, tweeted on Tuesday. "and tomorrow we are able to introduce an invoice [to] do simply that.


    "no person should be denied primary rights because of their faith, race or national beginning," Omar wrote in her tweet.   

    Called the countrywide foundation-primarily based anti-discrimination for nonimmigrants act, or  "no ban act" for quick, the civil rights law seeks to place an give up to the trump administration's tour ban, which targets numerous Muslim-majority nations—such as Syria, Iran, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia—with limited sanctions also imposed towards North Korea and Venezuela. 

    Trump to start with signed govt order 13769 on January 27, 2017, which sought to prohibit access to the u.S. To foreign nationals from a number of Muslim-majority nations, following repeated calls on the 2016 marketing campaign path to ban all Muslims from being allowed into the u.S. "till our united states' representatives can parent out what the hell goes on.” 

    Whilst the executive order, in addition to subsequent variations, had been shot down by several lower courts, the trump management noticed achievement with a 3rd version of the ban, which the very best courtroom upheld in June 2018.

    In keeping with information from the state department, as many as 37,000 visas were denied in 2018 on my own following the ban, up from 1,000 the preceding year.
    With the ban predominantly affecting foreign nationals from Muslim-majority international locations, rights agencies argued that it discriminated towards Muslims, with many calling it a "Muslim ban" as opposed to its legitimate name. 

    Up to now, almost four hundred civil rights, faith, national protection, and network groups have announced their aid for the no ban act, consistent with the countrywide civil rights business enterprise Muslim advocates.  

    The coalition, which includes the NAACP, human rights campaign, the Truman venture and united we dream, despatched a joint letter to Congress endorsing the bill earlier than its bicameral introduction on Wednesday, with the aid of Omar and consultant Judy chu inside the residence, and senator Chris coons within the Senate.

    Of their joint letter, the businesses write of the way "two years since the first Muslim ban turned into issued, endless families stay separated with heartbreaking results.
    "human beings have been denied get entry to lifesaving medical remedies; dad and mom were not able to take care of their kids, and spouses were compelled to live apart as they wait for choices on their waiver programs [to be excluded from the ban]," states the letter. "a few had been denied the opportunity to attend funerals or go to demise circle of relatives contributors, and finished specialists and college students have been denied get entry to career and educational possibilities."

    Calling on members of Congress to guide the no ban act, the letter states that the rules "is a clean and unequivocal response to the Muslim ban that might make sure no one can be banned from our u. S . A. Based on religious or nationality-primarily based discrimination ever again.
    "Alas, the Muslim ban validates the worst stereotypes approximately Muslims; that they're inherently foreign and violent and pose any such hazard to the united states they must be banned," the letter says. "the ban on Muslims comes after generations of politicians opposed to spiritual minorities have attempted to ban Jews, Catholics, and latter-day saints.  
    "Congress now has an opportunity to take action in opposition to the Muslim ban and this troubling history through sending a sturdy message that our state rejects religious bigotry," the letter keeps. "we urge you to help this crucial regulation because your leadership on this difficulty is important to make sure that Congress sends a strong message to the American people that how someone prays need to now not dictate whether or not the authorities can ban them from coming to the us.

    "families must no longer be separated clearly based on their religion or nationality. These are our shared values," it provides. "it's time for Congress to act to overturn the Muslim ban and stand towards spiritual discrimination."  

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    3. Everyone should have to be a lawyer who can read the Constitution because it wasn't a law trump made up law, heck your hero Obamazz stopped muslim that he didn't like out of the states both the Bushes did Clinton did. The President has the power to exclude any and all person he feels may be a danger to this country or it's people. So her so called bill better be an amendment to the Constitution otherwise she can use that paper to wipe her butt with Oh wait the don't use toilet paper they use their left hand