VIDEO Cardi B says she hates Donald Trump, endorses Bernie Sanders and Tim Ryan for president.

    Long-term Bernie Sanders supporter Cardi B is hesitant to discuss Donald Trump, yet she doesn't mince words about the president. 
    "I loathe him. I simply loathe him," she seethed to Variety on Friday night. "I would prefer even not to get political. I have a court case," she included with a giggle. 


    To the extent who she underpins from the 2020 presidential decision, Cardi stated, "I' mama dependably run with Bernie. Bernie doesn't express things to be cool. There are pictures of him being a dissident from an exceptionally, extremely lengthy time-frame [ago]." 

    She included, "Truly, I was viewing the news and I saw this person Tim Ryan, and his discourse was persuading to me. He truly needs to give the United States free human services, and that is a major in addition to. We need human services!" 

    The 28-year-old rapper made waves in January when she pummeled Trump over the administration shutdown. 
    "I just wanna advise you that it's been a tad more than three weeks. Trump is currently requesting … national government laborers to return to work without getting paid," she seethed in a video presented on Instagram at the time ... This st is truly f– lord genuine, brother. This st is insane. Our nation is in a hellhole now — just for an f– ruler divider."    

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    1. It's sad that Cardi B openly hates America. Endorsing any liberal right now is anti-American as every democrat wants socialism in our country.
      Maybe she don't understand? But she should do her research before she makes an endorsement.