VIDEO A Muslim soldier says her command sergeant major forced her to remove her hijab.

    Sgt. Cecilia Valdovinos was at a house of prayer at Fort Carson, Colorado, for a suicide aversion instructions on March 6 when she says her order sergeant major got her by the arm, took her outside and made her evacuate her religious head covering before others. 
    The senior noncommissioned officer trusted that Valdovinos, 26, who has an affirmed exclusion from her detachment authority to wear a hijab in uniform, was destroying her hair of guidelines underneath it, she revealed to Army Times on Tuesday. 


    "To me, it was a similar thing as though they had requested that somebody take their finish off," the officer, an individual from the 704th Brigade Support Battalion, said. 
    Nobody had asked her whether her hair was in a guideline bun, she included, before requesting that she expel the piece of clothing. 

    She removed the scarf bit of the covering first, she stated, yet Command Sgt. Maj. Kerstin Montoya requested she totally uncovers her hair. When she evacuated the top underneath, which covers her hairline and underneath her jaw, the length of hair came free from its bun. 
    The brigade aide, who went with Valdovinos and Montoya for the investigation, says that the senior NCO tapped the sergeant on her shoulder before driving her outside of the house of prayer. 

    "After expelling her hijab it was clear her hair was totally down," Capt. Brooke Smith said in an announcement. "CSM Montoya advised her to recover her hair in the guideline and not let it happen once more. At no time did CSM Montoya contact the warrior or holler at her (at all or inside earshot of different troopers)." 

    Valdovinos claims her hair was tied up under the hijab. The under-top has an additional length of texture inside, she clarified, that she folds over her bun to verify it before pulling the top down. That is the reason her hair came free when she expelled it, she said. 
    It was the first run through since accepting her waiver that the fighter had ever been stood up to about her hijab, she said. However, not the principal she felt focused as a Muslim in the Army. 

    In an Equal Opportunity grumbling documented on March 7, she stated, she depicted her first sergeant alluding to her as "the young lady with the hood." A culinary expert, she stated, she was as of late reassigned from an on-present feasting office on her legion's central command organization in the wake of questioning cooking pork items. 
    Also, beforehand, she included, she answered to her organization authority that while sent a year ago, another warrior alluded to her as a psychological oppressor. The chief did not heighten the case, she said. 

    "I take all reports of officers slighting another fighter's religious convictions, observances, or conventions in all respects genuinely," Col. David Zinn, the second Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Fourth Infantry Division officer who marked Valdovinos' exclusion reminder, said in an announcement. "There is as of now a request with respect to Sgt. Valdovinos' case. I will guarantee our unit proceeds with our convention of setting a high incentive on the privileges of our troopers to watch the principles of their particular religions or to watch no religion by any stretch of the imagination." 

    The examination was an explicit demonstration of Islamophobia, as per the leader of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which speaks to Valdovinos. 
    "Except if this CSM, who wretchedly slandered our MRFF customer by requesting her to remove her hijab out in the open, appreciates the exceptional forces of X-beam vision, it would have been inconceivable for this CSM to have even observed the hair of our MRFF customer," Mikey Weinstein said in an announcement. 
    The under-top is an indispensable piece of the endorsed hijab, he included. 
    "I wish they would simply inquire as to whether they have questions," Valdovinos said.  

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    1. She is out of uniform military code.

    2. I agree there is a specific dress code for the military and a hijab isn't part of the uniform!

    3. I get so upset that they demand special privileges when they have the rules and regulations explained to them before they join any military. Men can't wear facial hair - or maybe a mustache if it doesn't go past the upper lips or wider than the lip. Women must wear their hair shorter than the shoulders or put it up when in uniform. Certain make up isn't tolerated. There are many rules and they are there for a reason. They don't want to abide by the rules - DON'T JOIN THE MILITARY. That's simple enough to understand - right?

    4. I am so tired of these people coming to our country and making their demands. No Bacon signs or commercials. No dogs in their areas. No Christmas displays. Hatal foods in grocery stores , and on and on. They should just pack up their camels and go home wherever that may be. They are infiltrating our country and we are allowing it. Wake up America we are running out of time. Soon all our country will look like Dearborn, Michigan.

    5. I agree. She is a threat to the peaceful unification of her unit.

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      we shouldn’t have to make exceptions ‘

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