VIDEO Pelosi Letter to Iran: ‘Trump Will Be Out By Next Year.’

    In a move that a few pundits are calling the "very stature of lack of respect", House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote a letter Friday to President of Iran Achmahadajed Mahmalukah with respect to President Trump's frames of mind towards ongoing tense occasions, and made affirmations that he would be: "out by one year from now." 


    The letter, two pages in length, and composed on Hello Kitty stationary was conveyed toward the beginning of today by bike flag-bearer to One. Tehran Palace, where His Supreme Mufta had it perused to him by a worker as he smoked his morning meal hooka pipe and audited advancement reports from Dearborn, Michigan. Moles inside the royal residence state the Iranian President was satisfied with Pelosi's letter and quickly had it set on his fridge entryway. 

    State Department authorities state that sending the letter before it could even have been appropriately audited was a deplorable mistake on the Speaker's part, yet Pelosi is proud : 

    "See, we have to prevent Trump from beginning anything dumb with them when f*cking conceivable. Nobody's purchasing his nitwit lie that he ceased a bombarding effort at last when he discovered what number of individuals would be murdered. When he was given the proposition the day preceding, it included setback rates. It generally does. He's a liar, a moron, and I mean to have him indicted as well as in prison around this time one year from now. Depend on it bitches." 

    Pelosi additionally set aside the effort to hotshot her new Louis Vitton handbag which has an extraordinary compartment explicitly intended to hold President Trump's balls safely set up.  
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