VIDEO Robert De Niro: Trump getting impeached would 'Make America Great Again'

    Robert De Niro says he's not worried about losing fans over his reactions of President Donald Trump, including that the present degree of political talk in the U.S. "isn't typical." 
    Robert De Niro is no more interesting to voicing his abhorrence for President Donald Trump. Monday night was the same, as he required the president to be indicted in a discourse regarding Al Pacino at the American Icon Awards in Beverly Hills. 


    De Niro adulated Pacino, his "long-lasting comrade," close by individual honorees Quincy Jones and previous professional fighter Evander Holyfield as individuals who ought to be viewed as good examples for the remainder of the nation rather than the president. 

    "The makers of the American Icon Awards consider it a tribute to people who lead America. One moment," the on-screen character said in a video gotten by TMZ. "(These symbols) don't lead America. Perhaps they should, yet they do fill their very own basic jobs. Individuals of extraordinary individual achievements who give us guides to turn upward to. They've earned our regard and adoration, and they merit this tribute." 

    Robert De Niro proceeded with his dash of utilizing grant show talks to pummel President Donald Trump.

    De Niro proceeded, obtusely unveiling who he thought would not be deserving of an American Icon Award. 
    "You didn't think you were going to totally escape without an '(interjection) Trump' minute, did you?" he kidded, referencing his notorious f-bomb discourse about the president at the Tony Awards the previous summer. 

    "Then again, the person who presently implies to lead America isn't deserving of any tribute," he proceeded. "Except if you think about his indictment and detainment as a kind of tribute. What's more, that is the manner by which you'd make America extraordinary once more."  

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