VIDEO Billionaire Bernie Marcus to donate majority of fortune, support Trump for re-election

    Home Depot prime supporters Bernie Marcus and Ken Langone on the difficulties they confronted getting the retailer off the ground to turn into the achievement it is today and the potential entanglements of communism. 
    Very rich person Bernie Marcus has effectively given more than $2 billion to upwards of 300 associations, and he said he intends to give most of his fortune while he's as yet alive and bolster President Trump for re-appointment in the 2020 presidential race. 


    The Home Depot fellow benefactor told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution throughout the end of the week that he will keep on searching for admirable motivation to give to in the years to come. Marcus, 90, added that 80 to 90 percent of his riches will go to the Marcus Foundation when he bites the dust to subsidize different associations, for example, medicinal disclosures, helping kids with the mental imbalance and veteran help. 

    "I need to live to be 100 since I need to be in a situation to give it away to those things that I truly have faith in," Marcus told the paper. "I have every one of the houses I need. I live great. My children are dealt with. All that I live until further notice is finding the correct things to put my cash into and that can give me a rate of return in feeling and doing beneficial things for this world." 

    Marcus has expected total assets of $5.8 billion, as per Forbes. The very rich person has given more than $2 billion to altruistic causes, including $250 million to fabricate the Georgia Aquarium. The businessperson could give up to $6 billion in his lifetime. 
    At the point when gotten some information about his total assets, Marcus said he doesn't "understand." 

    "You know when I discover what I value? When a year, I experience it with my bookkeepers. I haven't the faintest idea. My key is what amount would I be able to allow away this year?" he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 
    Marcus was likewise a top benefactor to President Trump's 2016 presidential battle — and he intends to help the president during his 2020 re-appointment offer, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution revealed. 

    "[Trump's] got a specialist's presence of mind way to deal with most things," Marcus said. "… Now, do I concur with each move that he makes? No, I don't. Be that as it may, in all actuality he has delivered more than any other person. He has. On the off chance that we take a gander at this nation, I would state that we are in an ideal situation today than we were eight years back or six years prior." 

    Marcus said Trump's greatest blemish is his relational abilities. 

    "I'll reveal to you what he has not progressed admirably: His correspondence sucks. I mean he takes on each fight. He's battling. He does things he shouldn't do," he said. "As the leader of the United States, I'd preferably him do things that are significant." 

    Marcus said the amount more he will give to generosity relies upon Home Depot's prosperity. Marcus still holds an enormous number of Home Depot shares. 
    "Home Depot is doing great since they comprehend the way of thinking of rethinking themselves," Marcus said. "At a certain point, we had a genuine worry that Amazon was going to make everyone bankrupt. I don't feel that is genuine today… They are not going to flee with our business."  

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