VIDEO Couple’s MAGA-themed wedding pays tribute to President Trump.

    KENT COUNTY, Mich. — Subtlety was never the expectation of the wedding stylistic theme for Audra and Jeff Johnson's pre-marriage ceremony. 
    The couple married on July fourth in Kalamazoo, encompassed by loved ones wore in "Make America Great Again" caps. 


    "It looked like America hurled all over my wedding and I'm not grieved," lady of the hour Audra Johnson told WXMI. 
    Johnson says notwithstanding praising their affection, she and her significant other chose to utilize their big day as a chance to observe President Donald Trump. No detail was neglected, down to the groomsmen's 'don't step on me' sleeve buttons. Every gathering table included an appeal for an enemy of fetus removal "heartbeat bill." 

    Indeed, even the lady's nails were painted to look like American banners. 
    "The dress is really an Andre Soriano unique," Johnson said. "It's really made out of a MAGA flag."As is the point of convergence of each wedding, the lady of the hour's dress stole the show. 
    Soriano is known for his custom "Trump outfits." His plans have been highlighted on the 2017 Grammys celebrity main street. 
    In spite of the subject, Johnson said all were welcome. This incorporates her deep-rooted companion and house cleaner of respect, who is likewise a Democrat. 
    "We were going to do our photographs with the Trump caps and she stated, 'You realize I cherish you, yet I can't wear the Trump cap,'" Johnson said. "I stated, 'It's OK. It's OK. Simply wear a red cap. Regardless we cherish you. We can have totally various sentiments about everything and still love one another." 

    Not every person in the couple's life was as tolerating. The lucky man's dad would not visit. 
    "He sent us an instant message," Johnson said. "It stated, 'As long as you bolster that bigot in the White House, I won't go to your wedding.' Which is dismal however we had many individuals that cherished us and appeared." 
    Johnson said on the off chance that she was welcome to a President Barack Obama-themed wedding, she would be glad to visit.  

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