VIDEO Major Islamic leader says that America will soon became a Muslim nation ruled by Sharia Law, and Christians better be prepared to become slaves .

    In two years America will be placed where there is Muslims and all Christians will be our slaves 
    "The Prophet stated: 'There is no god yet Allah,' said Thabit. "Rather the [elites of Mecca] rejected. They offered the Prophet riches, status, and political portrayal – a seat on the official branch inside Mecca's common request – all to stay away from this announcement and its suggestions. However, he dismissed their offers and proceeded with his adventure towards radical change, furnishing us with well-ordered directions on the best way to make this religion incomparable." 


    "The elites of Mecca would utilize each conceivable measure to constrain or contain Muhammad's call for change inside explicit parameters," he included. "Those parameters would allow the changing of whatever did not undermine their framework and encroach on their capacity. Be that as it may, this message isn't here to incorporate. It is here to rule. Islam is here to overwhelm! This was an ideological battle, the sole motivation behind which was to sort out Man's undertakings as per a framework uncovered by Allah." 

    "There was no space for trade-off," Thbait proceeded. "Rather Allah uncovered to the Prophet, saying: 'Declare transparently, as told, and get some distance from the individuals who partner others with Allah.' 'Broadcast straightforwardly, as instructed by Allah' – this is our activism. It is free of polytheism, the polytheism of a mainstream framework. Activism inside a defective unbeliever framework is taboo." 
    There is certainly an issue with polytheism in our territory, yet Islam won't help that since it is an imperfect philosophy that flourishes with death, not life, and in light of the fact that it is an enemy of christ religion at its heart. 

    He at that point stated: 

    You can't lift your hands to Allah while stretching out your hands to men for enactment. At regular intervals, you do only that. Muslims are forced to get out there and vote, accepting in some way or another that their immaterial numbers have an effect. The push to get Muslims out there to cast a ballot has never been about their importance. It is a piece of a push to absorb Muslims. 
    They have fooled Muslims into deciding in favor of Clinton, who proceeded to starve a large portion of a million kids in Iraq to death. They fooled Muslims into deciding in favor of Bush, who proceeded to bomb two Muslim nations and murder millions. What's more, they proceeded to trap Muslims to decide in favor of Obama, who bombarded seven Muslim nations and slaughtered millions. 

    The contention utilized was consistently the "lesser of disasters." So now, slaughtering a great many Muslims is a "lesser malice." "What is the issue with you? How would you judge?" [Quran 68:36] The votes have brought you only disfavor, and have drenched you with the blood of your Muslim siblings and sisters. The issue with their framework isn't the scores of dead. It is more profound than that. It is their mainstream confidence. It is in direct restriction with our statement of faith, when Allah says: "Enactment has a place with none other than Allah." 
    Muhammad and his allies set up for us a political framework where sway has a place with Allah and not to the elites, where legislative issues implied thinking about the undertakings of Mankind, not just the elites, where da'wa was passed on to the entire of society, not exclusively to the abused and barring the elites. This framework was not for the 99% or the 1%. This framework was for 100%. For those of us in the West, Allah allowed us the chance to be in the midst of a people so misguided that reality we offer will reverberate. Our voice is our most prominent weapon, and our quietness is our most noticeably awful adversary. 

    … They need to lure you and scare you into grasping their lifestyle. They need to change our Islam We are not their manikins. We are a fix and kindness. We convey a far-reaching arrangement of answers for Mankind, and we should act likewise. Muslims in the West are a piece of this battle. We ought not belittle our effect in this worldwide exertion. We should speak the truth about our identity, what our worldwide program is, and advocate for the arrangement of Islam, any place we might be, and disclose it to Muslims and nonMuslims alike. Try not to fall into the constituent snare. 

    Some of what he says is valid. This thought of being utilized is exceptionally valid, of Muslims, yet of numerous in our general public. Be that as it may, Islam does not offer truth. It offers lies. With respect to executing Muslims, maybe one ought to pursue the blood trail left by Islam, in this century, however in the past nine!  

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    1. The enemies underestimate Americans. NEVER going to happen!