VIDEO Muslim Dem Rep Tlaib Denounces America, Declaration Of Independence In Disgusting July 4th Tweet .

    To commend the Fourth of July, Rep. Rashida Tlaib chose to condemn America and the Declaration of Independence on Twitter. 
    Tlaib retweeted this message: 


    "Our establishing fathers were not living divine beings… they were unsteady people." The Declaration of Independence "did not denounce subjugation, ensure the privileges of ladies or incorporate Native Americans." 

    So the Declaration of Independence is "chauvinist, bigot, and partial"? 

    Do you know who else accepted that? Roger Taney, the creator of the scandalous Dred Scott Supreme Court choice, and Stephen A. Douglas, Abraham Lincoln's challenger in the 1860 presidential race. 
    Do you realize who DIDN'T accept that the Declaration was "misogynist, supremacist, and biased"? 
    Abraham Lincoln. What's more, Frederick Douglass. 

    So for what reason is Rashida Tlaib rehashing the contentions of the supremacist Taney and Steve Douglas against the abolitionist servitude Lincoln and Fred Douglass? 
    Since she doesn't know any better. 

    However, regardless of its overwhelmingly positive effect on history, the Declaration of Independence was likewise a result of now is the right time — and bears a portion of the weaknesses of its period, including sexism, bigotry, and preference against Native Americans. … 
    I won't rehash any of the recorded mutilations and inside and out untruths that the piece makes so as to come to its meaningful conclusion. 

    I could go line by line and clarify how Salon and Tlaib misunderstand everything about the Declaration and the American Founders.   

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