VIDEO Poland’s Prime Minister says country will accept no Muslim refugees no matter how much pressure the EU puts on them.

    Poland's Prime Minister has guaranteed the nation "can't acknowledge evacuees" as the EU undermines legitimate activity against countries neglecting to conform to shares. 
    Close by Hungary and Austria, it is one of just three nations not to have moved a solitary exile, "in rupture of their legitimate commitments" and responsibilities. 


    "This can't be the duty of only a couple of part states – this must be shared by all together," said Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European Commissioner for relocation. 
    However, Prime Minister Beata Szydło told a question and answer session there had been no formal consent to obligatory amounts, which Hungary and Poland cast a ballot against. 
    "A basic mentality towards the instrument of vagrant migration is winding up progressively across the board in the European Union," she guaranteed, as indicated by an interpretation by state telecaster Poland Radio. 

    "Poland can't acknowledge exiles." 

    Austria has, at last, promised to acknowledge qualified shelter searchers from Italy, however, the EU has cautioned Poland and Hungary that they have until June to begin tolerating displaced people or face sanctions. 
    "I approach Poland and Hungary who have not moved a solitary individual … to begin doing as such at this moment," Mr. Avramopoulos told journalists. 
    "On the off chance that no move is made by them before the following report in June, the Commission won't falter to utilize its forces under the bargains and to open encroachment strategies." 

    In September 2015, EU states focused on moving up to 160,000 displaced people from packed camps in Greece and Italy nations inside two years – later bringing down the objective – yet the all-out is on track to hit under 40,000 by its due date. 
    Be that as it may, less than 18,500 individuals have been resettled up until this point and keep in mind that Poland has been allowed 6,200 outcasts, none have been conceded.  

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