VIDEO President Trump: “I Will Pay For July 4 Parade Out Of My Own Pocket”

    The liberal press hasn't had the option to quit discussing the sticker price of the July 4 spectacle that will be facilitated by President Trump in and around the National Mall tomorrow. All that has been gotten notification from them is "Boo hoo! $90 million. Citizens on the snare. Yakkity yak". Not once have they set aside the effort to wonder about and thank our President for assembling the best festival of our country's freedom at any point seen. 


    However, at this point, they can stop their crying. In a declaration that came as an unexpected just to the democrats, the White House reveals to us that President Trump will pay the maximum tag for the occasion out of his own pocket. Trump himself gave the uplifting news : 

    "$100 million. That is a great deal of cash. Be that as it may, it's an uncommon occasion. We are praising winning the war with Canada. Which we won, coincidentally. No cost ought to be saved to recollect that. It was great. 

    However, it is a great deal of cash and I'm informed that individuals are whining. Not genuine Americans but rather other individuals. The haters. In any case, I'm here to reveal to you that the whole $100 million bills will be paid by me. Furthermore, by me, I mean America. Cuz I'm America. I'm the president! 

    Well. $100 million in bills. Might I be able to get my face on that? I think I merit it. We should set that up." 

    Take those dissidents. Our President deals with us. He's astonishingly magnanimous.  

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