VIDEO Rashida Tlaib: ‘We’re going to impeach the MF’er, don’t worry’.

    PHILADELPHIA — Rep. Rashida Tlaib stood firm in her conviction that President Trump will be reprimanded while addressing a group of people of nonconformists Saturday. 
    "We will denounce the MF'er, don't stress!" she said to colossal praise at Netroots Nation, reverberating a line from January that drew analysis for its foulness. 


    "I won't down denouncing this untamed president. He won't be exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else and pull off it on my watch," the Michigan Democrat said. "Remain solid. Remain solid on this. In the event that we don't get him out, in the event that we don't push for this … who will be the following slanted CEO that keeps running for president? You realize they're coming." 

    Tlaib made waves in January when only hours in the wake of being confirmed she told a liberal social affair, "We're going to go in and arraign the motherf - er." 

    Rep. Ilhan Omar, who showed up with Tlaib in front of an audience, called Trump "the lord of diversion." 
    "It's a consistent heap of trash that leaves his mouth," the Minnesota Democrat said. "He has driven us down to a degree of rudimentary — I believe it's not in any case basic. It's preschool play area." 
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has so far opposed an arraignment investigation into Trump, trusting it could be dangerous for Democrats in the up and coming race. 

    Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley said Friday he's concerned time is heading out to arraign Trump yet recognized that the Republican-controlled Senate is probably not going to hold a preliminary or convict Trump regardless of whether he is indicted by the House, which is larger part Democrat.   

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