VIDEO U.S. Women’s Soccer Won the World Cup, But They Lost America.

    never comprehended why Megan Rapinoe consented to acknowledge a situation on the U.S. Ladies' National Team. For what reason would she play for a nation that she holds with such disdain? 
    Furthermore, considerably all the more baffling, for what reason would U.S. Soccer select a lady who plainly can't endure the country she should speak to? 


    There's no uncertainty that Ms. Rapinoe is an extraordinary competitor, yet her off-the-field conduct is disgusting, unpatriotic and out and out unsportsmanlike. 
    She revealed to Yahoo Sports that she believed herself to be a "mobile dissent with regards to the Trump organization." 
    In 2016 she took a knee during the National Anthem to demonstrate her solidarity with disfavored football player Colin Kaepernick. 

    Whenever U.S. Soccer issued an announcement approaching players to represent the national song of praise, she shot the choice as "covered energy" and "fainthearted." 
    During the World Cup, Ms. Rapinoe remained during the Star-Spangled Banner, yet would not chime in or place her hand over her heart. 
    "I'll most likely never put my hand over my heart," she disclosed to Yahoo Sports. "I'll presumably never sing the national hymn again." 
    Ms. Rapinoe called her one-lady challenge the National Anthem an "F you" to the Trump organization. 

    "I sense that it's sort of resistance all by itself to simply be my identity and wear the shirt, and speak to it," she said. "Since I'm as gifted as I am, I get the opportunity to be here, you don't get the chance to let me know whether I can be here or not. Along these lines, it's sort of a decent 'F you' to any kind of imbalance or awful slants that the [Trump] organization may have towards individuals who don't look precisely like him. Which, God help us on the off chance that we as a whole seemed as though him. Terrifying. Extremely terrifying. Ahh, irritating." 

    Also, when asked in a different meeting in the event that she anticipated visiting the White House should they win the title, she answered with a profanity. 
    "I'm not setting off to the White House," she said. 

    President Trump at long last reacted to Rapinoe's rantings, following quite a while of watching her take unfair attacks at the country and the banner. 
    "Megan ought to never slight our Country, the White House, or our Flag, particularly since so much has been accomplished for her and the group," the president tweeted. 
    Indeed, that declaration practically set off a decent huge number of the women in the group. 
    Rapinoe multiplied down on her blacklist and colleagues Alex Morgan and Ali Krieger said they wanted to pursue her lead. 

    "I will not regard a man that warrants no regard," Krieger told CNN. 
    Because you're experiencing Trump Derangement Syndrome is no motivation to be a snap. No one enjoys a sore failure and no one loves a terrible victor. 
    What's more, numerous American soccer fans have become burnt out on the rude, unpatriotic conduct of the ladies' soccer crew. 
    The United States ladies' soccer crew may have won the FIFA World Cup, however, I'm apprehensive they are dubiously near losing America.  
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