VIDEO John Legend slams 'racist prick' Donald Trump: 'We need to get him out of office'

    Chrissy Teigen — who was obstructed on Twitter by POTUS — isn't the main Trump faultfinder in the family. John Legend tore into the president in another TMZ video recorded outside a West Hollywood dance club on Tuesday night. 


    The EGOT-winning star called Donald Trump a "blazing bigot." 
    "He's a bit he kept, including that Trump himself utilizes the irreverence. "We have to get him out of office." 

    Legend seemed to reference Trump's remarks about Baltimore — which the president pummeled as a "nauseating, rodent and rat invaded mess" a week ago — as a TMZ representative asked the artist what should be possible. 

    "There's a great deal that should be possible," he reacted. "[There's] over a time of history that made the issues that they have, and we have to concentrate on improving the majority of our networks as opposed to speaking about networks since you're a bigot prick. 

    "Donald Trump is an insidiousness infection on America's entire scene, so we have to get him out of office," he finished up before removing the meeting by getting into his vehicle. 

    Legend — who broadly attempted to intercede when buddy Kanye West started communicating support for Trump — isn't the main big name to be shocked over Trump's Baltimore explanations. David Simon, maker of Baltimore-set show The Wire, considered the president a "supremacist bonehead."    

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    1. And who the freak are you, John Legend. Don't like the President, too bad. He can be very abrasive but he is actually getting the job done he was voted to complete. You poor snowflake, find something else to complain about.

    2. Who is John Legend again? Honestly never heard of him.