VIDEO President Trump says California is a disgrace to the country

    President Donald Trump assaulted California during a rally in Cincinnati Thursday over the number of vagrants living in the city. 
    "California is a disfavor to our nation. It's a disgrace. The world is taking a gander at it. Take a gander at Los Angeles with the tents and the appalling, repulsive sickening conditions," Trump told the group. 


    Trump's most recent assault on the state comes only days after Gov. Gavin Newsom marked a bill requiring presidential contender to discharge their government forms on the off chance that they need to show up on state essential votes. Trump has would not discharge his profits. 
    During the rally, the president additionally reprimanded Democrats for wrongdoing in the country's biggest urban areas. 
    "Nobody has paid a more expensive rate for the extreme left damaging motivation than Americans living in our country's inward urban communities," he said. 

    Trump followed up cruel remarks he made not long ago when he lashed out at Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings, calling his Baltimore-region area a "nauseating, rodent and rat plagued mess." 

    Trump claims Democrats need to help vagrants more than their own battling networks. 
    The Associated Press added to this report.  

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