VIDEO Hillary:’If Trump Is Removed, I Deserve To Be Given The Presidency’

    Given that having her rear give up surpassed to her via president trump in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton has become a crazy man or woman. no, that is not a harsh assertion. based totally on her own words and movements of the three years seeing that her loss, any sane individual might come to this identical conclusion.  


    She just can't be given the reality that she changed into no longer elected president of America. over and over once more, she’s sticking her nostrils into white house enterprise, telling us what the president is “doing incorrect” or how she would have dealt with such and such situations. she also repeats her fantasy that we desired her, that greater people voted for her.

    She. just. gained’t. let. it. pass.

    Now, with the Democrats hoping for elimination from the office of our elected president through a sham impeachment, she’s at it once more and the crazy simply were given crazier.

    In an interview with ’60 mins’, Clinton was asked for her thoughts on the opportunity of the person who trounced her in presidential ballots being impeached. her respond certainly indicates she’s dropping it:

    “properly permit’s examine this situation. the person who did no longer get the popular vote of the Yankee public, who stole a victory via the electoral university, who attempted to convince u. s. a . to throw me in prison without fees, and who is surely unqualified for the task is accused of criminal offenses in violation of his oath of the workplace. what are my thoughts?

    My mind is that I warned everyone this would appear and that my closing three years were hell due to his accusations. a bomb turned into mailed to me, for god’s sake. he turned my existence the other way up.

    So my fundamental thought is that, if Trump is eliminated, I need to receive his seat. I’ve earned it and the human beings desired me.”   

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